Michael Barrett

Senior Research Professor of the Old Testament | Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

Dr. Michael Bar­rett is Senior Research Professor of the Old Testament at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, and a minister in the Heritage Reformed Congregations. Formerly, Dr. Barrett served as president of Geneva Reformed Seminary. He earned his doctorate in Old Testament Text with a special focus on Semitic languages. His dissertation was titled “A Methodology for Investigating the Translation Philosophies and Techniques of the Septuagint.” For almost thirty years, he was professor of Ancient Languages and Old Testament Theology and Interpretation at Bob Jones University. Dr. Barrett had an active role in the ministry of the Free Presbyterian Church until his coming to PRTS. He is a member of the Evangelical Theological Society and has published numerous articles in both professional and popular journals. He contributed to and served as Old Testament editor for The Reformation Heritage KJV Study Bible. Dr. Barrett and his wife Sandra have two sons and five grandchildren.