Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary is an educational institution whose mission is to prepare students to serve Christ and His church through biblical, experiential, and practical ministry. The seminary’s training objectives are to glorify God, to promote and defend the gospel of Jesus Christ, to promote the supremacy of the Holy Scriptures, and to be true to the historic Reformed creeds. In dependence on the Holy Spirit, we believe that our objectives are well served by providing theological instruction and training to facilitate the development of knowledge and skills in our students as well as personal piety and Christian character that are essential for faithful Christian ministry.

The seminary is committed to the perspective that a balanced training for Christian ministry includes a sound theological education and the nurturing of healthy, personal piety. The theological development of a student at PRTS includes instruction in the full range of biblical, theological, historical, and mission studies. For more information, visit prts.edu.

The seminary also strives to provide its students with a social environment that nurtures godliness. Instruction is complemented by formal and informal occasions for personal interaction with academically qualified and spiritually minded theological professors or instructors as well as with godly fellow students. This creates a seminary atmosphere that facilitates personal piety in the context of responsible scholarship.

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