The Puritan Reformed Conference aims to cultivate a Christian worldview that is biblical, doctrinal, experiential, and practical. Sponsored by the Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, the conference draws attendees from far and wide. Past speakers have included the seminary’s faculty, as well as men such as Ligon Duncan, Michael Haykin, Carl Trueman, Conrad Mbewe, Derek Thomas, Geoff Thomas, and a host of others.

Why Attend

The Puritan Reformed Conference is a wonderful venue to hear Reformed, preaching; preaching that makes much of the grace of God in the gospel. It is also a great opportunity for dear friends to get reacquainted and to make new friends along the way. Lastly, the conference is a destination for wonderful, godly, Christian books for all ages, all at deeply discounted prices.

Message From Our President

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the twelfth Puritan Reformed Conference, an annual event hosted by the Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary. This year, the seminary’s conference committee is delighted to be hosting this event at the Heritage Reformed Congregation in Grand Rapids, MI. The goal of this annual event is to foster a robust Reformed Christian worldview that is biblical, confessional, experiential, and practical.

This year’s theme, The Grace of Law, will be examined from various vantage points in eight plenary addresses. Our seven speakers will address topics such as, “The Convicting Power of the Law,” “God’s Right to Command,” “The Civil Law: Outdated but Relevant,” “The Law in the Hands of Christ,” “Christ in the Law,” “The Making Conscience of Sin in the Life of the Believer,” “The Puritans on The Grace of Law,” “Law Death, Gospel Life: Galatians 2:19-21,” and a host of others. Matthew Henry once said, “When the law of God is written in our hearts, our duty will be our delight.” It is our hope that during this year’s conference, with the Lord’s help, the importance of the law of God will once again rekindle a desire to live soli Deo gloria!

It is our desire leading up to each conference that we would be a humble people, praying that the Lord will richly bless every speaker and participant. It is also my prayer that each one of us will be deeply aware that we are once again gathering to hear God’s Word testify of its own authority concerning our need to grow in increasing conformity to Christ (Rom. 8:29). Let it be our prayer that as we come under the preached Word that we would find our hearts freshly renewed and longing for the heavenly Zion and for the preaching of the gospel to the conversion of sinners.

Thank you for giving your time and resources to attend this year’s Puritan Reformed Conference. We are delighted that you have chosen to participate. We hope that these days will be filled with opportunities to become reacquainted with old friends and to make new ones.

Reformation Heritage Books will be located in the lower level. Books by the speakers, as well as numerous other authors and topics are available at deeply discounted prices.

My heartfelt thanks goes out to our speakers for all the prayer, hard work, and time that each of them have put into their addresses, and to all our staff who have ably and self-sacrificially worked together to make this wonderful conference possible. Please do not hesitate to make your needs and desires known to any of our staff people or me. We want you to get the most possible out of this conference, so please do approach us with your questions and concerns. Every blessing to you all in Christ Jesus.


Joel Beeke


Until the 2020 Puritan Reformed Conference

AUGUST 27-29, 2020