We are excited about this year’s Puritan Reformed Conference, “The Grace of the Gospel.” Along with that, each week we want to introduce you to one of our out-of-town guest speakers.

Another of this year’s Puritan Reformed Conference speakers is Rev. Pooyan Mehrshahi.

Rev. Pooyan Mehrshahi is the pastor of Providence Baptist Chapel, Cheltenham UK. Beside his pastoral ministry, Rev. Mehrshahi is involved in Bible translation with the Trinitarian Bible Society, and ministry for Persian (Farsi) speakers through Parsa Trust.

Rev. Mehrshahi will be speaking on “Gospel Inspired Gratitude” and “Gospel Empowerment.”

Here’s a link to a recent message by Rev. Mehrshahi entitled “Fear God not Pharaoh” (Exodus 1:15-22). https://sermonaudio.com/sermon/221212118531477