We are excited about this year’s Puritan Reformed Conference, “The Grace of the Gospel.” Along with that, each week we want to introduce you to one of our out-of-town guest speakers.

The last of our out-of-town guest speakers is Dr. Jon D. Payne.

Dr. Payne serves as organizing pastor of Christ Church Presbyterian (PCA) in Charleston, SC. He previously served for ten years as pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church in Douglasville, GA. Dr. Payne is the Executive Coordinator of the Gospel Reformation Network, trustee of Westminster Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Newcastle, UK, and a trustee of the Banner of Truth Trust.

He is also the series co-editor (with Joel Beeke) of the multivolume Lectio Continua Expository Commentary on the New Testament and the author/editor of several books. Dr. Payne will be speaking on “The Gospel Planned” and “Law and Gospel.”

Here’s a link to a recent message by Dr. Payne entitled “Declared the Son of God in Power” (Romans 1:4). https://sermonaudio.com/sermon/22121177203848